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He dips his brush into the green paint and giggles, saying that my stubble makes this harder. He compliments us on our stubbleand we are pleased by this. Jim Jones is a Harlem rapper with lots of stubble and sleepy eyes. It will all turn to stubble and sapless rigidity before his eyes. He had already put one of the young mice in his trousers pocket when the mother reappeared out of the stubble beside the nest.

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He scratched his stubble of hair, and contemplatively traced a crimson scar with his forefinger. His clothes were rags, upon his face there was a stubble of unshaven red, which made the pallor about his eyes more pronounced. Sheep ran across the stubblea camel got up, and Kit saw a small hole in the tent. Usually stubbles. Are you learning Spanish?

Or do you just have an interest in foreign languages? Either way, this quiz on Spanish words for animals is for you. Words nearby stubble Stuartsstubstub axlestubbedStubbiesstubblestubbledstubble-jumperstubbornstubborn as a muleStubbs.

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stubble meaning in punjabi

Kit Musgrave's Luck Harold Bindloss. Derived forms of stubble stubblyadjective. Word Origin for stubble C from Old French estuble, from Latin stupula, variant of stipula stalk, stem, stubble.The crop cycle in Punjab is largely limited to wheat and rice. A diversification away from these two crops would reduce the burden on the state's natural resources, but this should be incentivised and supported by institutional apparatus. Unable to dissuade farmers from burning paddy straw, the Punjab government recently announced a global million-dollar prize for contriving a viable solution to manage the stubble left after the paddy crop is harvested.

As farmers of Punjab gear up for another round of paddy harvest, the smoke from stubble burning has already reached Delhilike previous years. This is an opportune occasion to examine why farmers prefer burning stubble despite legal sanctions against it and to investigate the ecological disasters which the crop has brought to the region.

Paddy was introduced in Punjab during the early years of the green revolution in a bid to substitute the import of American wheat under the PL program and reduce the food deficit in the country. Consequently, as food security became the focus of policy planning, no heed was paid to the damage caused to the natural eco-system of the state by the proliferating land area under paddy cultivation.

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Punjab has an aggregate geographical area of 5. In contemporary times, supported by the input and output price structures and superior varieties of wheat and rice as compared to other crops, agricultural output in Punjab has virtually turned into a rice-wheat monoculture.

Faced with a dire shortage of food grains and the consequent introduction of green revolution strategy to address it, Punjab moved away from its traditional cropping pattern to the current rice-wheat cultivation cycle. Table 1 represents the increase in the net sown area under paddy from only 0. The increase paddy production however, came at the cost of traditional crops like gram and maize.

This shift has been discerned as one of the most startling changes in land use observed in agrarian history anywhere. Three main reasons can explain this boom in the production of this foreign crop in the farms of Punjab.

First, as previously mentioned, the seeds of green revolution in the country were sown in Punjab. The hybrid varieties of paddy were tested in the region because of a higher level of mechanisation and better irrigation spread relative to other parts of the country. While the state did have an extensive canal network, it never had enough surface water to grow paddy, which requires standing water for more than 45 days. Second, the traditional seed variety of rice and wheat used before the green revolution required a longer duration for maturity, making it virtually impossible for the farmers to support a rotational cycle of the two crops.

stubble meaning in punjabi

The introduction of the photoperiod insensitive seeds which made developmental responses of plants neutral to light and dark periods made it possible for the farmers to grow high-yielding varieties which matured in much shorter durations. This made it conducive for the farmers to grow rice in the summers followed by wheat in the winters in the same field.

Third, the availability of minimum support price MSP and procurement markets for paddy incentivised the farmers to replace the traditional crops which did not enjoy the same benefit. This was in fact, part of the larger strategy of the Central government to provide impetus to the production of wheat and rice in order to avoid the ship to mouth sustenance from the PL aid.

This ushered in prosperity for many farming families. The conventional method of paddy cultivation requires flood irrigation primarily to arrest the growth of weeds in the soil. This was possible either through expansion of the canal network or increased groundwater usage. The absence of sufficient surface water and infrastructural investment for canal network meant that a majority of farmers turned towards groundwater to irrigate their fields.

Drawing groundwater was not regulated either. Punjab receives less than millimeters of rainfall. Because of free electricity, pumps are kept running, eliminating any incentive to rationalise the use of water. Farmers suggest there are hardly any recorded cases of sanctions being imposed because tube-wells were installed without prior permission. Today, nearly 14 lakh tube-wells in the state pump around 4. The ground water availability in the state for future irrigation use is not only the lowest in the country, but in fact is minus Currently, ground water is receding at a rate of 70 cm per year in the state.

The ground water depletion accelerated during the early s when a shorter duration variety of paddy known as Govinda was introduced. Popularly known as sathi because it matured in 60 days, Govinda allowed farmers to cultivate two cycles of paddy in one season starting from mid-April.

Farmers were naturally quick to adopt as they the variety offered the opportunity to double their return in one season.

These increasing returns came at the price of excessive water drawing from the ground to support the two cycles. Adding to the problem was the fact that paddy grown during April and May requires about 4, liters of water for every hectarecompared to the 3, liters required in June.Jump to navigation.

The Punjab government has initiated action against almost farmers for burning stubble.

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The Amarinder Singh government, which hopes to cut down stubble burning in the state by 10 to 20 per cent this year, said that so far the government has received complaints against 20, cases of stubble burning. The government has initiated action against 2, farmers, the Punjab CM said.

The government claimed that the total number of stubble burning incidents reported last was around 49, In comparison, the government says it has received reports of 20, cases till November 1. The Punjab government hopes that as more than 70 per cent of the paddy has already been harvested, the total number of stubble burning reports will remain lower than last year. Even as he expressed the hope that the prime minister will understand and respond positively to his letter on the grave issue of the air pollution, Amarinder Singh said his government was working committedly to put a stop to stubble burning.

The process of verifying the remaining fire incidents and levying of environmental compensation was being expedited, said the chief minister, adding that the Punjab Pollution Control Board had also imposed environmental compensation of Rs 62 lakhs on 31 combine harvesters operating without Super SMS.

These steps were not, however, sufficient to check the problem, as the majority of the farmers in Punjab had less than 5 acres of land, making it economically unviable for them to go for hi-end ways of managing the stubble. While staying the process of recovery of the penalty imposed last year, the high court had taken note of the growing indebtedness of marginal farmers and the serious issue of farmer suicides, and had chosen not to add any further financial woes on the farmers, the court had stated, while ordering that punitive actions may go on in due course of the law.

Compensation by the central government was the only solution in the circumstances, said the chief minister, adding that the matter was not one of politics, but a question of the future of our people, which goes beyond politics.

Singh further claimed that the states' fiscal situation was linked to GST, which had aggravated their economic problems. While admitting that Punjab was also contributing to the Delhi smog, Amarinder Singh said to put the blame entirely on his state was absolutely incorrect.

Statistics showed that the parameters on the factors relating to pollution were higher in Delhi, he added. Instead of addressing the problem, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was playing political games, he said, asking what the AAP leader was doing on the ground to resolve the issue.

Amarinder Singh pointed out that the cities in the state were also enveloped by smog.

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Underlining the need to change the cropping pattern by weaning the farmers away from paddy, he reiterated his demand for MSP for other crops to help promote diversification. Stubble burning: Punjab govt takes action against 3, farmers The Punjab government has so far has received complaints against 20, cases of stubble burning.

Read Delhi air quality worsens after light rains, low visibility affects flight operations.Updated : 2 months ago.

Punjab has recorded around 74, incidents of stubble burning this season, the maximum in four years, with experts saying anger over farm bills and the government not paying the Supreme Court-ordered financial incentive to farmers could be among the reasons for the spike in farm fires. According to data released by the Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, the state recorded 73, incidents of stubble burning between September 21 and November 14, which is the highest since Punjab had reported 51, cases of stubble burning in the corresponding period last year and 46, such incidents in The number of farm fires was 43, in the state during the same period in Also, it was a cloud-free season as compared to last year.

The biomass was drier and prone to burning. There could be anger over farm bills," he said. According to a Punjab government official, "farmers are not happy" as the ruling dispensation has not disbursed the financial incentive to them as directed by the Supreme Court to prevent stubble burning. Following the apex court's guidelines to incentivise farmers to stop stubble burning, the governments of Punjab and Haryana announced a bonus of Rs 2, per acre for small and marginal farmers last year.

Farmers say the incentive can help them cover the cost of fuel used in operating machinery for in-situ management of stubble. Harinder Singh Lakhowal, the general secretary of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, Punjab, also said the number of farm fires is "very high this year and anger over farm bills is one of the major reasons". The IARI official said the increase in the number of incidents of stubble burning does not mean that the policy of providing farm equipment for in-situ management of crop residue has failed.

The figures have come down significantly," he said. According to IARI's data, Haryana recorded 4, farm fires between October 1 and November 12 while Uttar Pradesh reported 2, such incidents during the period, which is the lowest in both the states in the last five years.

Haryana recorded 5, incidents of stubble burning and Uttar Pradesh 2, cases during the corresponding period last year. Only has been the 'odd' year out," the IARI official said. According to a study conducted by IARI scientists in Tarn Taran and Amritsar districts of Punjab, stubble burning incidents between October 1 and October 10 in Amritsar increased from in to in -- a rise of about 2.

In Tarn Taran, the number of stubble burning incidents increased from 92 in to in -- a rise of about 3. In Tarn Taran, it increased from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh attract attention during the paddy harvesting season between October 15 and November Farmers set their fields on fire to quickly clear off the crop residue left behind after harvesting paddy and before cultivating wheat and potato.

It is one of the main reasons for the alarming spike in pollution in Delhi-NCR. Last year, Punjab produced around two crore tonnes of paddy residue, of which 98 lakh tonnes were burnt by farmers.

Despite a ban on stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana, farmers continue to defy it as there is a short window between the harvesting of paddy and the sowing of wheat. The high cost of manual or mechanical management of straw is a major reason why farmers choose to burn it.

Why Punjab needs a thrust for start-ups to deal with stubble burning

State governments are providing a 50 to per cent subsidy to farmers and cooperative societies to buy modern farm equipment for in-situ management of paddy straw, installing paddy straw-based power plants and running a massive awareness campaign against stubble burning. Farmer unions adamant on holding tractor rally in Delhi on Republic Day.

Punjab residents prepare to join tractor rally from Tikri to Delhi. Punjab gives Rs 5 lakh each to families of 4 Ludhiana farmers who died during protest. Haryana, Punjab among top 10 most innovative states. Nepal, Bangladesh receive Covid vaccines sent by India. Money no deterrent for January 26 tractor parade. Farmers set out for Delhi march. Cremated 30 virus victims, yet no R-Day honour. Farm stir: Demand for mink blankets, unstitched suits up.

Stubble burning: Maximum cases in Punjab; anger over farm bills among major reasons

Year on, Bathinda labour court still non-functional. Come February, hourly fee at all smart parking lots in Chandigarh. PGI to use only one of five sites in Chandigarh.Updated : 1 month ago. Punjab recorded the highest number of stubble-burning incidents this year, registering an increase of Every year at the onset of winters, crop residue burning or stubble-burning begins in Punjab and Haryana leading to heavy air pollution in Delhi. In its data released on Tuesday, pollution watchdog CPCB said the total count of active fire events reported in Punjab in is 76, while in it was 52, between September 21 and November Indistricts such as Sangrur, Bathinda and Ferozepur continued to be highest contributors to active farm fire events in comparison toit said.

Indistricts such as Moga, Amritsar, Fazilka, Ludhiana had shown more than 75 per cent increase in their number of fire counts in comparison to The average contribution of external biomass burning to PM 2. The maximum contribution of external biomass burning to PM 2.

Stubble Burning in Punjab - Steps taken by Punjab Government to control Stubble Burning #UPSC #IAS

In Haryana, total count of fires reported in is 4, while in it was 6, between September 25 and November Indistricts such as Fatehabad, Kaithal and Karnal continued to be major contributors to farm fires but still had shown reduction by 40 per cent in comparison toit said. Districts such as Palwal and Kurukshetra had shown major reduction by per cent this year in comparison toit said.

Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar had earlier said that the central government's PUSA institute had demonstrated a bio-decomposer technology which converted stubble to manure and is being experimented on a pilot basis in five states, including Delhi, and its trial is on. Farmer unions adamant on holding tractor rally in Delhi on Republic Day.

Punjab residents prepare to join tractor rally from Tikri to Delhi. Punjab gives Rs 5 lakh each to families of 4 Ludhiana farmers who died during protest. Haryana, Punjab among top 10 most innovative states. Nepal, Bangladesh receive Covid vaccines sent by India. Money no deterrent for January 26 tractor parade. Farmers set out for Delhi march.

stubble meaning in punjabi

Cremated 30 virus victims, yet no R-Day honour. Farm stir: Demand for mink blankets, unstitched suits up. Year on, Bathinda labour court still non-functional. Come February, hourly fee at all smart parking lots in Chandigarh. PGI to use only one of five sites in Chandigarh. Faith, food, farmers at Nada Sahib during Gurpurb celebrations. Strong winds improve Delhi's air quality. Delhi riots: Court grants bail to two persons.

No death, 18 new cases reported. Blind guess: When to stop, when to go? Farm union flags in demand, sales daily. Come, learn how to give. Close shave for kids in house fire. Ludhiana tops in vaccine drive.

Road safety month: Cops promote pedestrian mobility in street event. Patiala Health Dept issues notice to city lab for overcharging. Punjabi University students await hostel allotment. Amid flu scare, waterbird census continues.In about a week, stubble burning will begin in Punjab and jostle for space with Covid headlines. Stubble burning in Punjab has caused gas chamber-like conditions in the National Capital Region in the last few years. Even after the commissioning of all these projects byPunjab will be able to utilise only 1.

The problem of stubble burning has been hounding the Punjab government, but attention has now shifted to the politics over the three agricultural reforms. As a result, the government may not currently have the time or focus for a reset of priorities and out-of-the-box thinking which can lead to effective solutions. Stubble burning is a problem that needs new-age solutions.

Photo: Reuters. The Punjab government has urged big businessmen and NRIs to set up paddy stubble-based industry in Punjab. The state government can create entrepreneurship possibilities and help these youth by facilitating the sanctioning of loans and providing a market, for which there is much scope.

Not burning the stubble has major environmental benefits too. The top soil, which is highly fertile, does not get damaged. With hand-holding by the government, educated or uneducated unemployed youth in rural Punjab can steer projects that use paddy stubble as an input.

Young entrepreneurs can use paddy straw to make biochar. The process needs very little space and investment. Application of 2 tonnes of biochar per acre either to wheat or paddy reduces urea consumption by one-third, produces 10 per cent more green yield, and improves soil health significantly after three years.

The government can encourage youth to use paddy straw for complete feed block preparation for cattle. A complete feed block is a system of feeding all ingredients including roughages, processed and mixed uniformly, made available to the animals without the need for any previous preparation. The concept of the readymade, densified complete feeds with fibrous crop residues is an efficient way to increase the intake and improve nutrients utilisation. Buffalo calves can be raised for meat production by feeding paddy straw.

The urea-treated paddy straw based complete feeds can give gm average daily weight gain in buffaloes. The state government can extend benefits to the manufacturers using paddy straw for end products like cardboard, packaging material, paper, and tableware.

Paddy straw is a very good packaging material because of compaction resistance and resilience. There are many technologies to convert stubble waste into packaging materials. Assistance provided through the state government can promote such alternate use of paddy straw and enable youth to gain employment.

Neither ‘udta’ nor ‘padhta’ Punjab. Question is how India’s no. 1 state in 2003 fell to 13

A start-up formed by IIT Delhi students used paddy straw to make packaging materials, plates and bowls, etc. A German company has set up an establishment in Bengaluru to make biodegradable and compostable packaging from agricultural waste purchased from farmers. These packaging materials are used for making tableware, and also packing fruits and vegetables. Punjab government can leverage various such technologies to provide effective alternatives for paddy straw burning.

The writer is a young social activist from Jammu and Kashmir.

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X Login.Protesting farmers, predominantly from Punjab, have built a mini-township. Reporters and cameras going there can find new stories every day. A pizza langarmassage chairs, a spa, gyms, portable toilets, camper beds, clinics, pharmacies, and most importantly, libraries and reading rooms.

In this melee of news coverage, visuals, politics and controversies, admiration and sniggering, one picture caught my eye this last week. Manisha Mondal, a young news photographer from ThePrint, caught a wonderful moment at a reading room at the protest. Three women are engrossed in reading books; in fact, so caught up reading they do not notice the camera. Above them is a painted board. For me, it tells an important story. Punjab was heading for elections. The Akali-BJP coalition was in power.

On no indicator, social or economic, Punjab was in any great shape. One big concern was rising drug addiction, especially among its young. That, for the opposition Congress as well as the new entrant, Aam Aadmi Party, was the chosen vehicle to ride to power.

Every village had almost the entire youth addicted. The film even had a politician that mimicked that brother-in-law. It painted a doomsday portrait of Punjab where everybody was either high, or drunk, a gang-rapist, a smuggler or if a politician or a cop, complicit with all these. Truth to tell, while it got the entire country to focus on Punjab, it upset many in the state. We have problems, but not like these.

The film came on the eve of the state election. It gave Punjab a terrible name. Of course, the brother-in-law was exonerated by all agencies and even won defamation cases against some of the most respected newspapers. This is to say, there is more to us than you thought. We, in any of the three states that emerged post the division inhave many faults, but we were never so bad.

It was brilliantly done. But it was a scandalous characterisation for the state and its people. At which point, I would begin to reflect on it a bit more deeply. AAP is providing free Wi-Fi and toilets, besides political support.

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